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If you have a food or drink allergy or special dietary requirement, please ask a member of staff for information on our menu. Thank you.

We offer a wide range of great starters. Allergy Advice: May contain mustard, peanuts & nuts.

Any extra vegetables in any curry carry an extra cost of £1.50
Extra meat £2.50

Balti dishes originated in Pakistan and are cooked medium hot with special herbs, tomatoes & fresh coriander. It is highly flavoured & extremely rich in spices.

These dishes are marinated in yoghurt with fresh herbs & selected oriental spices & are cooked over charcoal in a clay oven to give it that unique taste. Served with fresh green salad and mint sauce

Tandoori peices cooked in a mild cream massala sauce with ground almonds, cashew nuts & sultanas. Allergy advice: May contain mustard, peanuts & nuts.

Very mild cooked in fresh cream, coconut and a mild spicy sauce. Recommended for first time curry eaters.

Medium to mild well cooked in thick gravy with ground tomatoes & spices, delicious & full of flavour.

Medium to mild cooked with fresh fruits, banana, pineapple in a special kasmiri sauce.

Medium to mild creamy curry with chopped pineapple pieces.

Well cooked medium hot with different spices, onions, green peppers, tomatoes & fresh coriander in a thick sauce.

A medium dish, highly spiced, cooked with fenugreek leaves in a thick sauce.

Fried chopped onions, herbs and spiced cooked in a medium thick onion gravy

Medium, well spiced with fried tomatoes, onions & herbs.

Medium dishes cooked in thick onion gravy with fresh spinach, herbs & spices.

A Taste of Bombay, medium dish cooked with a boiled egg, tomato and potato with herbs & spices with coriander.

Fairly hot curry with fresh lemon & fresh coriander.

Fairly hot with coconuts, black pepper, lemon & strong spices.

Very Hot Curry with Potato & fresh coriander.

Patia - Hot, Sweet & Sour
Dansak - Hot, sweet and sour with lentils

Achari (pickled in mustard oil) used to make flavourful dishes with a spicy and slightly tangy taste

Extremely hot Naga viper chilli pepper with intense heat

A rice dish garnished with tomato, cucumber & egg, served with a vegetable curry to your taste (mild, medium or hot).

Served with chips, peas & tomatoes

Fresh Vegetables cooked daily. Recommended with main curries.

Breads contain gluten.

Bottles: Coke, Diet Coke, 7UP, Tango Orange Cans: Coke, Diet Coke, Rio

If there is anything that you would like that is not listed in our menu please ask. We will make it to your requirements.